e-fuel Station


Retail Automation System at HPCL Retail Outlets:

HPCL leverages technology to assure "Good Fuel Promise" at Retail Outlets. HPCL has implemented retail automation system at more than 9000 retail outlets.


Retail Automation is the automation of all the operations and business processes of a Retail Outlet. This is achieved by capturing, collating and analyzing all the transactions electronically. The system helps to seamlessly manage the forecourt, sales room (at the outlet) and HPCL Regional office (operation & business) transactions pertaining to Retail Outlets.

The main objective of Retail Automation is Customer Relationship Management. Manual intervention is eliminated, and speed of transaction & operations is increased, resulting in a Quick Fill Experience. This strengthens the ‘Club HP’ brand image which is based on Quality & Quantity (Q&Q), Customer care and Vehicle care. These automated outlets have been branded "e-fuel stations".


The system benefits all the stakeholders. It provides transparency and control of all facets of Retail Outlet operations and the database generated reinforces control and analysis of the outlet performance.

Way Forward

The Retail Automation System is now being installed at more than 5500 retail outlets covering all the Retail Outlet Network .

We do add something to our fuel. Technology. Introducing Real-Time Fuel Quality Monitoring.