Auto LPG


Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is identified as one of the alternate fuels to the regular liquid petroleum fuels as it has added environmental benefits. LPG for Automobiles (Auto LPG) is used internationally with proven success as an effective fuel. This has been in extensive use in countries like Italy, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, and Korea etc. for a long time. It is approved for use as Auto fuel by the Government of India and the required orders, amendments and codes have been issued by the respective authorities. Auto LPG (503 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window.

Quality of Auto LPG

High Octane Number (88) and Low Evaporation residue of Auto LPG ensures high efficiency when LPG is used as a fuel in internal combustion engines. Low volumes of vehicular exhausts like CO, SOx, NOx, Benzene and Particulates etc. make Auto LPG eco - friendly, resulting in improving the general air quality.

Safety while using Auto LPG

What are the safety precautions to be taken while filling Auto LPG? Please observe the following Safety precautions during filling and using of Auto LPG:

Auto-LPG filling

  • Stop the engine before refueling
  • No smoking
  • Do not use mobile phone or any electrical gadget, pilot light etc in the Retail outlet / Auto LPG dispensing station
  • Safe filling limit for LPG Tank is 80%. Pl. note the capacity of your LPG tank which is punched on the tank. LPG should be filled only upto 80%. i.e if the Tank capacity is 50 litres, the safe filling limit is 40 litres only
  • Do not start the engine / drive away the vehicle till the filling nozzle has been disconnected from the filler cap of the vehicle
  • In case of any smell of LPG / leakage the vehicle should be got checked by authorized distributors / RTO approved LPG Retro-fitment centre

In addition to the above precautions, please follow the following safe practices:

  • LPG kit should be serviced only by an RTO approved LPG retrofitment centre / Authorized distributors
  • Refueling of Auto LPG should be done only at Auto LPG dispensing stations